Once upon a time…no wait, the words Once Upon A Time mean a fairytale is to follow, and what happened is most definitely true.

Two years ago I got it in my head that I should try to write a short story every day for a year. I even told a few people about my idea, and then I panicked.  I can’t write 365 stories in a year, that’s crazy!  How will I come up with that many stories?  What if my computer blows up part way through?  What if my appendix blows up half way through and I have to go into the hospital? What if I’m too tired from writing commercials all day (my paying gig) to write a story at night?  What if someone at work reads them, finds them weird or offensive, and I get into trouble?  What if other people read them and think my stories are stupid?  What if no one reads them at all? 

I came up with all sorts of excuses not to take on the challenge and shelved the idea.  But then last summer I started asking myself other What If? questions.  What if people did read them?  What if they not only read them, but liked them?  What if this inspires someone else to take on a challenge of their own?  What if I don’t do this and find myself filled with regret on my deathbed?

So I put on my big girl panties and posted my first story on August 8, 2015, fully aware that I was now going to have to write 366 stories, thanks to 2016 being a Leap Year.  I got my first follower within a week (thanks Kendall!), and more afterwards.  Thanks as well to everyone who took the time to read my stories, for clicking ‘Like’, and for commenting.

If there’s something you feel driven to do, ditch the excuses and go for it.  You may surprise yourself.  You may surprise everyone around you.  At the very least, you’ll answer those nagging What If? questions.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a house I’ve been neglecting for the past year that I need to clean.

Thanks again and take care!


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