Zach and Francesca Want Marilyn To Stay Away

It was a glorious week at work for Zach Innes and Francesca Dooley, those five days that their boss, Marilyn Thompson was away on holidays. They got to do things they never could under her watchful eyes.

There was the two o’clock tea party they threw in the office they shared the first day of Marilyn’s absence. Scones and grape jelly were served. Then there were the sculptures they created out of sheets of paper sitting in the recycling bin and staples. Zach would tell you that he had the most fun on Wednesday when they photocopied everything that wasn’t too heavy to lift. Francesca would say it was the morning they answered their coworkers questions with their best celebrity impersonations. Then again, both had a blast anytime the other one had a squirrel moment. “Did I ever tell you about the time I lost my wallet in Montenegro?” Zach had said one morning. “No! When were you in Montenegro? That’s in Italy, right?” Francesca replied. “Southeast Europe actually, near Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,” Zach corrected her. “Herze-go-where?” Francesca asked, still unsure of where Zach was talking about.” “Here, I’ll show you on a map.” Then they spent the next fifteen minutes looking at pictures of what Francesca agreed was a beautiful country as Zach told her about the hassle he had to go through to get out of the country after he had lost his identification.

The two of them spent a lot of time online…looking up random facts about random things, seeing if there were any good travel deals to places besides Montenegro, and whether or not the tingling Zach felt in his left hand was cause for concern or if he was just being melodramatic. He was.

They also spent a lot of time making jokes about things Marilyn would have said was inappropriate to joke about in the workplace. Marilyn was such a drag, as far as they were concerned. The way she made note of when they arrived in the morning, what time they left at night, and how long of a lunch they took. She made them sign a sheet each week as well, agreeing to the fact that she had their hours right. It was always work, work, work  with her. They wouldn’t be surprised if she was just as big of a task master at home with her husband and kids. They sure hated the thought of her returning Monday.

Unbeknownst to Zach and Francesca, Marilyn hated the thought of returning to work on Monday just as much.

“Why can’t I hang out at the beach and go snorkelling with Rick and the kids all the time? I’m so much more relaxed when I’m not at the office,” Marilyn cried out to the universe. “Instead, I have to document my coworkers every move otherwise Corporate throws a hissy fit. What do I care if they come in five minutes late or spend a few minutes here and there checking their Facebook account? As long as the work gets done. But nope, ‘It must be in writing Marilyn in case someone files a lawsuit down the road.’ I am so dreading Monday.”

“Hi Marilyn,” Zach said feigning enthusiasm when he arrived that morning.

“Hello Zach!” Marilyn said in return.  “Hello Francesca!” she then said when her other underling arrived two seconds later. “All ready for another fun week at work? I know I am!”

According to the vacation schedule, Zach and Francesca wouldn’t have another fun week at work for two more months. That was when Marilyn was scheduled to take her second and final week of the year.

All three of them have already begun counting down.


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