How Good Are We Talking?

Andrea and Tina do what best friends do. They go out to eat a lot together, they indulge in retail therapy together, and they talk about everything under the sun. Their favourite topic of discussion is their love lives. No more than a day passes before the one is on the phone with the other filling her in on how the latest date went. The good, the bad, the ugly…nothing ever gets left out; especially the juicy bits. Those are the best.

“So, tell me,” Andrea says to Tina after they have both paid for their coffees and sat down at a corner table. “How was last night?”

“It was good,” Tina responds.

That illicits a raise of the eyebrows and a tiny smirk from Andrea.

“How good are we talking?” Andrea then asks. “Average good, or good good?”

There are varying degrees of good in Andrea and Tina’s world, just as there are different levels of bad. Neither one is sure of which one they enjoy hearing about more from their friend. Good is nice, but what if it was actually very good? That might mean losing her best friend to a guy. Hearing it was bad is sad in its own way, but on the other hand that would mean having her best friend all to herself for longer, and the chance to be the one to find Mr. Right first. Andrea and Tina are both selfish in that regard.

“I don’t know,” Tina tells her friend while shrugging her shoulders. “Good, you know.”

“Help me out here,” Andrea urges her friend. “Was it ‘this beats sitting at home inhaling a bowl of popcorn all by myself and crying while watching a Jennifer Garner film’ good? ‘He doesn’t seem to be still hung up on his ex or his mother’ good? ‘I’m really glad I didn’t order anything spicy to eat’ good? Or ‘I am so glad I went to the trouble of shaving my legs this morning’ good?”

“I’d say it was more along the lines of ‘He’s an easy guy to talk to, but it’s still going to be awhile before I tell him about my fear of light switches’ good,” Tina says.

“Yeah, you really don’t want to bring that up too soon,” Andrea reminds her friend.

“Laugh at me all you want, but those things can kill you if they’re not wired properly!” Tina says in her own defense.

“What did you say this guy does for a living?” Andrea then asks.

“He’s a stockbroker.”

“It’s too bad he isn’t an electrician. You’d be set for life.”

“Ha ha,” Tina says trying to make it sound as though she hasn’t had the same thought about every guy she has dated. “Anyway, how’s your love life going?”

“Horribly,” Andrea says.

“As in ‘Mother Theresa got more action in her lifetime than I’ve had in the last six months’ horrible, or merely ‘Things are bad, but at least I’m not to the stage where I have to apply to be a contestant on The Bachelor horrible?”

“Somewhere in-between.”

“Jesus, I had better go and get us more coffee,” Tina says. “Don’t worry, I won’t touch any light switches on my way.”

Andrea laughs at her friend’s joke, and wishes she could find an electrician just as funny.


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