The Last Woman On Earth

For many people, it starts even before they are born. Their parents insist on having the fanciest crib and change table, the cutest clothes, and the most expensive stroller and high chair for their unborn son or daughter. Image is everything. From there, they are given enough adorable outfits to stage their own runway show, and if they express the slightest interest in a playmate of the opposite sex, both sets of parents will joke about when the wedding should be even if the kids are still only in preschool.

Girls are then pressured to be pretty and thin, boys are expected to be athletic and tough, and big business is right there alongside of them, happy to reinforce the rules. No one can ever be truly immune to the marketers and Lauren Zaniti is living proof. A natural born beauty, Lauren has spent enough on her appearance to feed a third world country for a year. She woke up this morning convinced she saw a tiny line forming at the corner of her one eye. If she didn’t do something right away to cover up this fatal flaw, then she may as well throw in the towel and declare herself an undatable spinster.

That meant a trip to the mall. She immediately found another pair of back breaking shoes she just had to have, as well as a purse that cost nearly as much as one month’s rent. Then she headed off to her favourite make up store for a makeover.

As she sat in a chair next to the storefront’s window, a plain looking woman dressed in a basic white t-shirt and a comfortable pair of shorts walked by.

“She’s the last woman on earth who needs a makeover,” the plain looking woman said to herself as she caught sight of Lauren having layer upon layer of goop applied to her face. “I should go in and tell her that. Maybe it will give her the self-esteem boost she needs.”

She didn’t though, because that would be breaking the rules.

Meanwhile, Lauren also caught sight of the plain looking woman just as she was looking at her.

“That outfit that woman’s wearing looks really comfortable,” Lauren said to herself. “I should go out there and tell her how nice it looks on her.”

But she didn’t, because that would be breaking the rules.


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