Demon Child

Madison Kostiuk was super excited to play the latest Justin Bieber song for her best friend Grace, and rushed right over to her pal’s house with her tablet moments after it had finished downloading.

“Isn’t he wonderful?” Madison asked Grace after she had finished playing the song for the tenth time. “I want to marry him!” she then announced.

“I want to marry him too,” Grace said.

“You can’t marry him. I’m marrying him,” Madison insisted.

“Oh, right. Sorry,” Grace apologized.

Sensing she had made her friend feel bad, Madison tried to make up for it with a consolation prize.

“You can marry Harry Styles from One Direction instead. He’s cute too.”

“He is cute,” Grace said readily accepting Madison’s offer. “We could have a double wedding and then have babies at the same time!”

“I love that idea! Mrs. Madison Bieber,” Madison said dreamily.

“Mrs. Harry Styles,” Grace followed.

Just then the door to Grace’s bedroom opened. It was Grace’s mom, Mrs. Tooke.

“What are you girls doing?” she asked in her usual stern tone.

In the two years that the girls had been friends, Madison couldn’t remember Mrs. Tooke ever sounding happy or excited about anything.

“Listening to Justin Bieber’s new song,” Grace said.

“May I hear it?” Mrs. Tooke then asked.

Madison played it for her knowing full well what was coming next.

“Grace, you know I don’t like you listening to that kind of music. It’s dirty and sinful. You should only listen to songs that sing God’s praises. I think the three of us need to pray.”

This wasn’t Madison’s first impromptu prayer circle. Mrs. Tooke has had her pray for forgiveness lots of times for everything from bringing lip gloss into her house to saying the words “goober butt”.

“I don’t want you coming over here anymore Madison. You’ll only bring the devil with you if you do.”

Madison headed for home saddened that she wouldn’t get to play with her friend after school anymore, but relieved in a way that there would now be one less girl competing for Justin’s affections.


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