A Bumper Crop

After reading an article in a woman’s magazine about how it’s better to grow your own flowers than to wait for a man to bring you some, Rebecca Werner went outside and started planning her garden.

“I’ve always loved tulips and daffodils, I should plant plenty of those.  Roses are beautiful too, and so are lilies.  I’ll grow them all,” she said before getting into her car and driving to the nearest garden centre.  Once there, Rebecca was struck with another idea.

“Flowers are nice, but maybe I should be more practical and plant a vegetable garden.”

Moments later she settled on a combination of both – flowers for her front yard and vegetables in the back.  Upon arriving home, she took to her computer and read about the best way to plant her new purchases.  Her cucumbers and sugar snap peas would need a trellis of some sort.  Her carrots would require lots of space free of stones and rocks.  She’d have to make a trip back to the nursery to buy cages for her tomato and pepper plants, but she could plant the spices in any of the containers she already had at home.  She then studied up on how to keep pests out of her garden.  Raised beds, fencing, and interspersing her plantings with garlic, marigolds and lavender would all work wonders.

As the weeks progressed, so did her vegetable garden, but not without a lot of hard work on her part.  The weeding seemed endless, her fingernails always seemed to be caked in dirt, and her back and knees ached from toiling away in the earth.  The work paid off, though.  She had a bumper crop before her, enough for a restaurant offering an unlimited salad bar to still make a profit.

“I’m going to be able to make a lot of great dishes with everything I’ve grown!” she said with pride.

And then she burst into tears.  All of those great dishes she’d be making with her vegetables would be eaten solo, just as the prepackaged meals she ate before she grew her garden were.  She had gone to all of that trouble only to end up where she began.  All alone.


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