Niles Puts An End To Jane’s Suffering

“Niles, honey,” Jane said to her husband of six years. “Do you remember when we bought this house?”

“Of course I do,” he replied. “It was only four years ago.”

Four years, six months, and two days to be exact. They were only twenty-four then, but the two of them had always been excellent at managing their money, so coming up with a down payment wasn’t a problem.

“Do you recall why we bought it?”

“Sure, so we’d stop throwing our money away on rent.”

“Yes that, but why we bought this house in particular. Do you remember all the things we loved about it?”

There were many. Niles loved the location and that it was a ranch, a style that reminded him of his childhood home. Jane loved the storage space, the double vanities in the master bathroom, and the landscaping. Ever money conscious, they also both loved the fact that the major updates had already been done. They wouldn’t have to worry about the kitchen, either one of the bathrooms, the roof, or the flooring for years. There was one other thing they loved as well.

“Do you remember the day we had the home inspection done and what the guy said about our heating and cooling system?” Jane then asked.

“If I’m not mistaken, he told us that we would get at least another ten years out of our furnace and central air units. After freezing those two winters we spent in our apartment and sweating like pigs in the summer, we thought we had died and gone to heaven.”

“Exactly!” Jane then said. “Which is why I find it strange that we’re sitting here melting in this heat wave when we have a perfectly good central air unit.”

“You know those things cost money to run Jane,” Niles said.

“Less than what it costs to run our cars, and less than either one of our cell phone packages,” she countered.

Jane would say something like that, being more relaxed about money than Niles. She was still stingy mind you, about the little things anyway. She had no problem shopping garage sales and discount food stores, but when it came to her personal comfort she did not like to compromise.

“I’m hot Niles,” Jane said, “and I don’t mean in a supermodel sort of way. It’s well over one hundred degrees with the humidity. I need a shower just to wash away the sweat caused by the first shower I took to wash away the first layer of sweat. Please don’t make me suffer through another summer.”

“Fine,” he said more than a tad reluctantly. Calculating the few measly dollars it would cost them to run their central air for a few days, he then walked over to the thermostat and put an end to Jane’s suffering.

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