I’m Not Marrying Her For Her Stunning Personality, That’s For Sure

As I walk down the aisle towards my new husband, I can’t keep my eyes off of his face. There’s strength in that face, as well as love and generosity. Not every man is willing to take on a widow with two children, but I was lucky enough to find one who gladly welcomed the three of us with open arms. I am a lucky woman.

As my bride walks down the aisle towards me, I can’t help but to think about what a lucky man I am. She and her two kids just guaranteed me financial security and a job for the next fourteen years. I was worried there for a bit. It’s not easy for a forty year old man to be the head of marketing for a skateboard company. How the hell am I supposed to know what kids are into these days? But her thirteen year old boy has gotten me up to speed, and I’m counting on her eight year old to keep me in the loop at least until he’s done college.

After Marcus died, I thought for sure I’d be alone for the rest of my life. I am so glad I discovered that online dating site. It’s like Matt and I were meant to be. I needed a fresh start, the boys needed a father, and Matt needed to settle down.

Sarah couldn’t have come along at a better time. When a man’s not married by a certain age, people start to ask questions. Is he a commitment phobe? Is he gay? Does he leave his dirty laundry all over the floor? Something’s obviously wrong with him. Having Sarah agree to marry me put those rumours to rest. The money left over from her dead husband’s life insurance policy was pretty enticing, too.

It’s funny how Matt works for a skateboard company. He and the boys talk for hours and hours about the sport. It’s great that they share a passion.

And to think, I almost walked away from the skateboarding world, convinced that I had reached the dinosaur stage. God only knows what I would have done. Marketing jobs, the better paying ones anyway, aren’t exactly plentiful. Neither are single women with money. Yup, I hit the jackpot with Sarah and her two brats.

I won’t do the same thing to Matt that I did with Marcus. You can pass one hot tub drowning off as an unfortunate accident, but not two. I have plenty of time to think of something anyway. I figure I need to stay married to him for at least three years, otherwise his life insurance company might get suspicious. Here I go!

Here I go!


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