Jessica Wishes She Didn’t Have To Lie So Much

Jessica Wheatley has never uttered a bad word about a politician.  She keeps her mouth shut about televangelists and adulterers, too.  She knows they’re liars just as much as you do, but considering she’s one herself she feels she’s the last person who should be throwing stones at glass houses.

Jessica didn’t start out as a liar.  She began wanting to make women feel better about themselves, so she founded her own cosmetics company.  You’ve no doubt seen her products if you’ve walked by a department store beauty counter, or through the make-up section of your neighbourhood drugstore.  Perhaps you’ve even met her.  Every now and then she likes to visit the stores that carry her products and do a special meet and greet.  It’s like a music fan meeting their favourite rock star and or a fashionista meeting their favourite designer.  You can sell a lot of products that way.

Today finds her in New York City at a department store that’s loved by both locals and tourists.  It’s Stop By For A Free Makeover And A Chance To Win $200 In Jessica Wheatley Cosmetics Day.   These days are always long, because if there’s one thing Jessica has learned over the years it’s that there’s not a woman out there who doesn’t think her life can change on a dime with the right shade of lipstick.

The lying begins before the store even opens, as one by one she reminds the beauty consultants about their mission in life: convincing women that Jessica Wheatley Cosmetics are the answer to all of life’s problems.  Are you being teased by your high school classmates about your acne?  This concealer might shut them up.  Are your pores the size of the Grand Canyon?  Here, use this pore minimizer and watch them tighten to the size of a pond.  Bothered by laugh lines, crow’s feet, or age spots?  This foundation is thicker than the one holding up your house.  Make-up can cure whatever’s ailing you!

It can’t, of course, but what’s Jessica going to do?  Tell people the truth?  That they still look sixty years of age; that instead of having red bumps on their face, they now have beige bumps on their face, or that there aren’t enough blends of eye shadow in the world to fix ugly?  Was she to look them in the eye and say, “I’m sorry honey, but you will always carry that scared, insecure little girl inside of you no matter how dolled up you get”?  That would ruin her empire, something she spent years building; the thing that was paying for her upwardly mobile lifestyle and her children’s private education.  She couldn’t exactly walk away from that, now could she?

If lying to a woman about how great she looks helps their self-esteem, then that’s what she’ll continue to do; even if it means destroying a little piece of herself every time she does it.


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