Tim’s Crystal Ball

“I can see our whole future from up here,” he says to me. Here, being atop his parents’ roof. The thousands of stars twinkling above us act as the crystals in his crystal ball.

“And what do you see, oh wise one?” I ask my boyfriend, someone who’s just as desperate as I am to graduate from high school and blow our one horse town.

”Do you see those teensy, weensy stars over to the left?” he asks, pointing towards the west. “Those are the idiots in our life – the jocks, the preps, and the teachers who think we should still be living in the fifties. They’re fading from our view and soon they’ll be gone forever.”

I like these nocturnal astronomy lessons of his. We had only been dating about a month when he told me about his trips to the roof. He said that climbing up to it when he couldn’t sleep helped him to relax and see the world more clearly. He invited me to join him shortly after that and I’ve been sneaking up here with him ever since. For someone who has such difficulty sleeping, I find it weird how his parents are able to sleep so soundly. We haven’t woken them once.

“What else do you see?” I ask.

“All the stars in the Big Dipper, they’re our friends. They’re bunched like that because we’ll always be together.”

“What about the ones in the Little Dipper? Who do they represent?”

“Those are our children,” he tells me.

“You plan on getting me pregnant that many times, do you?” I scoff.

“Only one or two are our biological children. The rest will be the child soldiers we will one day rescue and then go on to raise.”

I could see us doing that, traveling to some horrendous part of the world and saving those who feel that all hope is lost.

“See those really bright stars to the east? That’s us, addressing the U.N. on climate change, income inequality, and corrupt regimes.”

“You and me against the world, eh?” I say while gently taking hold of his hand.

“All the way baby,” he says.

He always makes me smile when he talks like that. No one else makes me feel as though I might be the one – the one who actually does something different with her life and who makes a real difference in the world.

“The sun will be coming up in a few hours,” I say. “I guess I should go home and get some sleep before class.”

“Sweet dreams, my love,” he says as I begin to climb down the trellis.

“Sweet dreams, my Romeo.”


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