Joseph Wishes He Had More Time

We always think that we will have more time to do the things we’ve always wanted to do, to tell the people we love how we truly feel, and to make those important changes we thought we’d one day get around to making.  The truth is, no one has an infinite amount of time.  We all reach the finish line at some point, and for Joseph Siebel today is that day.

He knows it, too; that today is his final one.  He can feel it in each painful breath he takes.  On one hand, he’s relieved that his suffering is finally coming to an end.  On the other, he wishes there could be more days.  Healthy days, of course; then maybe he could take that trip to Hawaii he never got around to taking, to try out for his local community theatre group and, most importantly of all, to change his will.

He’d disinherit each and every one of his three sons.  He may be too weak to open his eyes, to speak, or to stir from his hospital bed, but his ears still work just fine.  He hears what they’re saying.  His oldest son wants his 1968 Mustang.  The second oldest has called dibs on his collection of rare first edition books.  The third just wants to know how much money they’re all looking at.  That kid never could manage his finances.

“Guys, must we have this conversation now?!” his dutiful daughter, Emma asks?  “Dad’s not even gone and all you can think about is what you can get your hands on.  Besides, what if he can hear you?”

“Hey Pops!” Marty, the eldest shouts.  “You in there?  Blink once for ‘yes’.  Nothing?  See Emma, he’s off in La-la land.”

“You’re disgusting!” Emma says.

“And you’re a boring goody two-shoes.  No wonder no one ever married you,” Marty snaps in return.

If Joseph had more time, he’d change his will and leave everything to Emma, the only one of his four children who knows enough to respect her elders and how to stand on her own two feet.  But he hears another voice; that of his wife Wilma, telling him to join her in Heaven.

“Thank you for not failing me Emma,” Joseph thinks.  “I’m sorry if I’ve failed you.  I love you.”

Seconds later, Joseph holds Wilma’s hand for the first time since she passed five years ago and lets her guide him towards the next step of his journey.


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