Hotel Loot

“I’ll check the bathroom while you check the desk,” Veronica Ellsbury said to her younger sister, Violet.

“I hope I find candies there. I love free candies!”

“I highly doubt there will be free candies. This is a budget hotel, after all.”

“I know, but it’s fun to dream!”

Every spring for the past fifteen years, Veronica and Violet have taken the long bus ride from Niagara Falls to Toronto to attend the Blooming Garden Show. It can be an expensive trip, once you figure in the cost of the bus tickets, the hotel and the food, but it’s their one and only get away each year so they never miss it. They thought that they might have to the year Violet was eight and a half months pregnant with her first child, but she gave a stern talking to her unborn child and told him in no uncertain terms that an early delivery was not an option.  Subsequent pregnancies were planned for later in the year.

“What did you find?” Violet asked when Veronica came out of the bathroom.

“A shoe shine kit, a travelling sewing kit, a bar of soap, plus two travel size bottles of shampoo and conditioner.”

“Jackpot! What scent?” Violet then wanted to know.

“For the shampoo and conditioner? Lavender mint. I smelled it too.”


“And I can’t tell if it will make me smell attractive to men or to gnats.”

“Ha! You’re so funny Veronica! I found a notepad, a pen, and a Do Not Disturb sign. But no candies.”

“That’s okay,” her older sister assured her. “We get a free continental breakfast tomorrow, maybe there will be candies down in the restaurant.”

“Maybe. This is living, isn’t it Veronica!”

“Yes, it is.”

For two lower-middle income women, scoring free travel size bottles of shampoo and cherry Danishes is often all it takes for them to consider it a good day. Which is why they’re positively going to lose their minds tomorrow when they walk by the vendors handing out free seedlings.

Good thing Violet found that Do Not Disturb sign. These two are going to need a good night’s rest to prepare them for tomorrow.


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