Duct Tape

If there’s one thing Henry Matten knows, it’s how to fix things. Break a vase and he’ll glue that baby back together better than any of the King’s horses or any of the King’s men could have during Humpty Dumpty’s days. Got a hole in your bucket? Don’t sing about it, talk about it. Over lunch with Henry.  Then he’ll seal it up for you. Got a tear or a crack somewhere? Don’t worry, all it needs is a bit of duct tape.

Henry has repaired a lot of things with duct tape. He got another three years out of his broken bumper thanks to his handywork with duct tape. His wife still uses the same appliances he bought her thirty-five years ago when they first got married, all because of duct tape. When there wasn’t a sewing kit to be seen for miles around, he closed up the tear in his daughter’s wedding dress with just a few pieces placed discreetly underneath the rip. Duct tape is the answer to everything.

Well, everything except a broken heart.

Henry now regrets the day he fixed his daughter’s wedding dress with duct tape. If he had known then what he knows now he would have said to her, “Sweetie, this is a sign. A sign that this marriage isn’t meant to be. Think of that rip in your dress as a symbol for what’s to come. That man you’re about to marry is nothing but a lying, cheating, good for nothing scumbag who is going to tear your heart into a million pieces. Come home with your mother and me instead and let me fix something else for you; something to eat maybe.”

Only Henry didn’t know the truth about his son-in-law that day. No one did. It took the police showing up at his daughter’s doorstep and arresting Paul Wilson, the man she thought was named Trevor Renier, for them to clue in.

Henry would buy all the duct tape in the world if it would fix his daughter’s shattered world, but this repair job is beyond his capabilities. Only one person can fix the mess his baby girl now finds herself in: his daughter.


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