A Flight To Anywhere

It doesn’t matter how bad of a flight you’re having…turbulence, an overly chatty person next to you, a three-hour delay…always know that there are at least two people on the ground who envy you: Ben and Sadie Guinn.  While you’re looking down at your watch wondering how long it will be before you land, they’re looking up towards the sky, wondering where you’re going.

“Look, a plane heading East,” Ben says to his wife of three years.  “Where do you think it’s going?”

“New York City,” Sadie answers.

“New York, huh?  And why do all of those people up there need to get to the Big Apple today?”

“There are lots of reasons.  Back in Coach is a mom taking her daughter to see her first Broadway musical.  Her daughter loves to sing and dance, and she hopes to one day be a star herself.  Up in Business Class is a young entrepreneur who has a meeting with a potential investor.  If everything goes well, he’ll be richer than he has ever imagined.  He can’t really afford that expensive seat right now, but he likes to think that by acting as though he can, the universe will respond in his favor.”

Ben and Sadie have been playing this game ever since they met seven years ago while working at an ice cream factory.  The job was only supposed to be temporary, to pay for college, but when they graduated they were hit with the cold hard reality of a hiring freeze in their chosen field.  It’s the ice cream factory for them until something that pays better than minimum wage comes along.  In the meantime, dreaming about hopping on a plane like the ones they see flying overhead every day and getting far, far away from where they are now is their only means of escape.

“I think they’re going to Italy,” Ben says.  “And I bet someone on that plane is going to fall in love with the country, sell everything they have back home and then move there.  They will own a villa in Tuscany, grow their own olives, and eat fresh pasta every day.”

“We should go to Italy some day,” Sadie says wistfully.

“We should, and one day we will my love,” Ben tells her in a voice that sounds both hopeful and worried that it will never happen all at the same time.  “One day we will.”


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