Head Games

“Bring me their heads!” Queen Alexandria cried out in the early morning hours of the day. “It is time to end our city’s suffering!”

It was going to be one of those days in Queen Alexandria’s court; a day where weaknesses would be revealed. Where walls would come down. Where those loyal to her would be freed from the tyrants in their lives.

“Soon, a whole new world will be upon us,” she continued. “A beautiful world created in my image! There will be no heartache there, no tears, no betrayals. In its place will be a world full of strong, brave, confident souls equipped to take on any challenge. Now, who is my first prisoner?”

“Danica Peters. She’s coming in at eight for a wash and cut,” answered Beatrice, Queen Alexandria’s longest tenured servant.

“Ah yes, Danica. She of Mouseyville, a land ruled by her gambling addict of a boyfriend. The confidence I could give her with just a few highlights and a sassy pixie cut. It would be enough I tell you for her to escape her miserable existence and strike out on her own. Unlock the gates and bring her forth!”

Beatrice did as she was commanded and opened the doors of Head Games, the most popular hair salon in Huronville, Ontario. What made it so popular? Queen Alexandria (or Alex Reynolds, according to her business license) and her staff were the best therapists in town. Five minutes in one of their chairs and they knew just what was troubling you and what hair cut would save you. Those who took their advice walked out with what felt like a fortified set of armour. Those who settled for the same old-same old, a.k.a. Danica, left feeling at least a little bit better than what their shaggy selves did when they had come in an hour earlier. It broke Queen Alexandria’s heart to see Danica languish away in that prison she called her life, but she knew one day she would free her, just as she had freed countless others across the city.

“Hello Princess,” Queen Alexandria greeted Danica. “How much would you like off today?”

“You can shave it, for all I care,” a sad sounding Danica said.

Sensing an opening, Queen Alexandria went in with guns blazing.

“You sound like you need a change. Nothing as drastic as shaving your head, mind you, but something that’s both fun and you-can’t-mess-with-me-anymore daring all at the same time. Have you ever thought about a pixie cut? You have the perfect bone structure for it. Maybe a few red highlights. Girl, I swear, you’d knock anybody out with that look!”

“Do it,” Danica said.

Two hours was all it took for Danica to move out of Mouseyville and far, far away from everyone and everything that was holding her back.

“It’s a good day to be Queen,” Alex Reynolds thought after Danica left. A good day it was.


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