The Pitfalls Of Being A Double Agent

It’s easy enough to see the appeal in being a double agent.  If both sides trust you, then both sides will spill their guts to you.  How you use that information to your advantage is up to you.  Add in the fact that you’re pulling a fast one on everybody, and we’re looking at one huge boost to the ego.  But what happens when your cover is blown?  You’re as good as dead, that’s what.

For awhile, Meghan O’Reilly was the perfect double agent.  Pretty – but not too pretty so as to make men feel she was out of their league or have women hate her – Meghan’s warmth and sense of humour had a way of putting everyone at ease.  Want to tell her an off-colour joke?  Go ahead, she won’t act all offended on you.  Like discussing sports or the latest chick-flick you just saw?  She’ll let you go on for ages, and throw in enough intelligent comments of her own to sound as though she loves those things as much as you.  Having a bad day and need to unload on someone?  She has a shoulder that’s waiting to be cried upon.

That’s why everyone at work felt comfortable telling her their dirty little secrets.  Surely a super nice girl such as Meghan could be trusted not to tell anyone else, so why not get what’s bothering you off your chest?  She knew who hated whom and why, which coworkers were sleeping together, and who spent half of their day playing online Solitaire.  In the beginning, it was enough for Meghan to just sit and listen.  There was a certain power in that, after all.  After awhile, of course, power will corrupt anyone, even a sweet little office administrator.

Meghan’s first mistake was letting it slip to Leslie in Accounting that Mark, the head of that department, was sleeping with Cassie, another one of the number crunchers.  She didn’t intend to, she just blurted it out when Leslie complained that she thought it was unfair Cassie never got into trouble for coming in late so often.

“Well, you get away with those things when you’re slee—-,” Meghan began to say before cutting herself off.

“You get away with those things when you’re what?” Leslie asked.  “Oh my God, you were going to say ‘sleeping with your boss’, weren’t you?  How long has that been going on?”

Meghan’s initial thought was to tell Leslie she was wrong, but when she saw the look on Leslie’s face – that, “You’re about to tell me the best story ever, aren’t you?” look, the thrill of being the one to let the cat out of the bag was too hard to resist.

“Don’t tell anyone I told you this, but yes, the two of them are all hot and heavy.  It’s been going on for about a year.”

That was all it took for the power to really go to her head.  Within a month, everyone knew everyone else’s business.  At first, those she had gossiped about couldn’t figure out who the blabber mouth was in the office.  They had only ever told their secrets to one other person…sweet, funny, super nice and discreet Meghan.  Could she be the culprit?  There was only one way to find out.

One day, Cassie let on to Meghan that she was worried she might be pregnant.  She knew she wasn’t, but if word got around she had a bun in the oven, then she’d know exactly who told them.  Within days she noticed people taking quick glances at her belly, as though they were looking for signs of a baby bump.  Meghan had to have told everyone.

Immediately after that, word got around that Meghan was the one spreading everybody else’s business around.  She was now dead to them as far as other people were concerned.  The person everyone once gabbed to now had no one to talk to.

The next six months were very lonely months for Meghan.  That’s how long it took for her find another job.  She kept her mouth shut at her new place of employment, even when she found out that the company’s president had once…

Oh wait, she likely wouldn’t want me to say anything further.

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