Monica Decides To Make A Move

Monica Drummond had been reading a lot about the Laws of Attraction lately. All she had to do, basically, was tell the universe what she wanted and then believe that it would conspire to make it happen for her. Remain positive, remain thankful, remain open and everything would work out in the end. She needed things to work out for her, after the day she had.

“I can’t believe what a jerk my boss is,” she grumbled as she trudged home after her shift at Captain Larry’s Seafood Shack. “All I did was forget to charge a customer for the second pop they ordered, and he had to go all ‘You’re bleeding me dry, Monica!’ on me. Now would be a good time, Universe for you to show me that I’m not destined to go through life smelling like fried perch.”

No sooner had she said those words when something shiny on the ground caught her eye. She stopped to pick it up, unsure of what it was at first.

“That’s a weird looking Loonie,” Monica said of Canada’s famous one dollar coin. “Maybe it’s one of those commemorative ones, like from the Olympics or something.”

But it wasn’t a commemorative Loonie from the Olympics; in fact, it wasn’t a Loonie at all. It was a Euro.

“Hey, this is a Euro!” she exclaimed after realizing what it was. “I wonder what one Euro is worth compared to a Loonie. Oh my God! This is it, isn’t it Universe? I asked for a sign and bam! Two seconds later I come upon a Euro. I’m meant to move to Europe, aren’t I? But where in Europe?”

Monica considered all of her possibilities. After all, Europe is such a big continent.

“I could move to Spain and hike the Andalusian countryside! Or I could move to France and apprentice with a chocolatier! Or I could move to Greece and become an expert on olive oil! Oh wait, I don’t speak any of those languages. Maybe I should start off in England, Ireland or Scotland, where they speak English.”

Within three months, Monica had sold all of her possessions and headed for England. Being in England, she was tempted to get a job in one of their many fish and chips shops, but that would have meant essentially living the same life as she had been in Canada, only with less snow and more rain. Instead, she talked her way into a job at a fancy publishing house. It turns out that the British population is just as fascinated by North American accents as those across the pond are with posh English accents. It also turns out that England doesn’t use Euros, they still use the British Pound, but that didn’t matter because soon, she was attending cocktail parties with Britain’s greatest literary masters and relegating all memories of Captain Larry’s Seafood Shack to the trash bin in her mind.

The Laws of Attraction really do work, at least for young women named Monica.


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