Party of the Century

Oh, it was most definitely a party, my friends. The party of the century, to be exact. One look at the photos Deanna posted on Facebook was evidence enough.

One would be hard pressed to pick the best photo from the bunch, but here are some of the highlights: there was the photo of the perpetually shy and demure Deanna chugging down a very expensive bottle of champagne. Then there was the one of her standing nose-to-nose with a llama. What was a llama doing in the middle of Deanna’s living room? People were going to have to wait to ask her about that at work on Monday; all they could do until then was wonder. The photo someone took from her deck of her crowd surfing through her backyard was pretty awesome as well. However, no one could fault you if you chose the photo of Deanna using a row of male bottoms as her personal xylophone as your favourite. Or the picture of her being handfed sushi by a sexy Latino gentleman.

Everyone at work was taken aback by the photos. Was that really Deanna? Miss Play-by-the-rules-let-everyone-walk-all-over-her-stick in the mud? Since when did she throw parties like this, and why weren’t they invited?

The answer was simple really. Ever since Deanna had joined Facebook five years ago, she had noticed her colleagues threw a lot of parties themselves. She had seen the pictures. She then started to pay more attention to what was being said in the hallways at work and in the various offices. Things such as “What time should I be at your place Saturday night, Steve?” and “What time did you get everyone to leave last night, Lisa?” and “Do you need me to bring anything Friday night, Paul?” Everyone was being invited to everyone else’s parties; well, everyone except for Deanna.

So she decided to throw a party of her own, and with the money she had saved by not being invited to all the different birthday parties, weddings, and stag and does over the years, she was able to throw quite a bash. Her biggest expense was the actors she hired to pretend to be her friends. It was the one with the coke problem who brought the llama. The Latino hottie who introduced her to joys of sushi ran the catering company, and he was worth every penny.

When Monday morning rolled around, all of her coworkers greeted her with, “Hey Deanna, how was your weekend? Do anything special?” To which she replied, “I had a few friends over for a quiet dinner party.”

If that was her idea of a quiet dinner party, then people had to know what she considered a wild one. After that, Deanna was the must-have guest everyone wanted at their party.


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