Blessed Are The Meek, For They Shall Inherit The Earth

Standing at just five feet and four inches tall and weighing in at only one hundred and thirty pounds, Gavin Mulroney was a lot smaller than the other boys at his high school; a fact they reminded him of on a daily basis.

“Hey pipsqueak!” Tony, the captain of the football team shouted at him one Monday morning. “You can either get into that locker on your own, or I’ll shove you in it myself. Hard way or easy way, it’s your call.”

Gavin opted for the easy way and stepped into the locker, where he remained until the janitor took pity on him and removed the lock with a bolt cutter.

“Yo, little boy!” one of the kids who spent most of the day in shop class yelled at Gavin in-between periods. “Did your Mommy pick out Star Wars underwear for you today or big boy underwear?”

“Big boy,” Gavin answered.

“Prove it. Take them off so we can all see.”

Gavin then went into the change room located beside the school gymnasium and came out holding an ordinary pair of blue briefs; which were then promptly run up the flagpole for everyone in the school to see.

“Do you know why you’re such a runt?” another bully asked. “You don’t eat enough and it’s given you malnutrition. Here, eat the lunches of everyone at this table.”

The other bullies at the table didn’t succeed in force feeding Gavin, but they did manage to throw all of their food at him before the bell signalling the end of the lunch hour rang.

“Why do you let people pick on you like that?” Evelyn, one of the few students at the school who treated Gavin with respect asked.

“Because, I’ve done my research and do you know what I’ve learned?” Gavin asked in return. Evelyn shook her head so he continued. “Each act of indignity they inflict upon me adds another thick layer of skin to my backbone. The jocks, the meatheads, and all the other bullies? This is the golden period in their lives. They figure that since they’ve had it easy so far, the rest of their lives will be easy, too. They’ve never had to work for what they have, whereas I have. These softies won’t know how to survive once they hit the real world, but I will and that’s when I’ll become the boss of them. All they have to look forward to is reminiscing about the good old days, whereas I’m going to make a fortune with a tech start up. We nerds pull off stuff like that all the time.”

“Can I come work for you when you’re rich?” Evelyn then asked.

“Wouldn’t you rather show up at our high school reunion instead as my wife?”

Evelyn liked the sound of that even more, so she kept Gavin’s plan for world domination all to herself, and in fifteen years time she and Gavin returned to the newly renamed Gavin Mulroney Collegiate as the most powerful couple in the country.


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