A Letter To An Old Friend

Dear Kristy:

I think it’s a shame that people don’t send hand written letters anymore, don’t you? I also think it’s a shame that you and I haven’t connected once in the last ten years, so here I am, solving both issues!

How have you been since we last saw each other at Dave and Rachel’s wedding? I still find it hard to understand how two people who hated each other as much as those two did in high school ended up having what may be the greatest love story of all time.

Anyway, what’s new with me? Well, for starters, I’m pretty much being cooked here to death in this heat. I’m in Africa, by the way, but more on that later. It’s one hundred and eight degrees where I am, but it’s a dry heat and you know what that means: people feel just as awful as they do on a humid day. It’s worth it, though. I’d take a thousand days of one hundred and eight degree weather in exchange for a well. We built two for the village just last week, and plans are underway to open a school. My aid group has Alberto Bartelli to thank for that. He’s the head of our Stockholm based charity and very sexy! Is it wrong to lust after a man who’s only here for one thing: to save a tiny West African village? Maybe, but I’ve always had a thing for social do-gooders. You know that!

Africa is very different from Canada, but just as beautiful.. The villagers here are absolutely lovely and it just infuriates me to know that people back home are wasting not only valuable resources, but time and money on useless pursuits. Do something with your life! Do something for the world! Don’t be so vapid and materialistic! Sorry, too preachy? It’s just that ever since my parents passed (oh yeah, that’s something else that’s new with me. Mom and Dad are both gone), I’ve started to feel my own sense of mortality. What happened to the girl who was going to save the world? She ended up working for a tech company, that’s what; with only the occasional Saturday helping out at her local food bank to show for things.

After I settled up Mom and Dad’s estate, I decided that I would put my grief – and what some might call a mid-life crisis, to good use and resurrect the activist of my younger days. I quit my job, sold everything, got up to date on my vaccines and came here. I haven’t used a curling iron or had a latte in the entire time I’ve been here!! Oh the horror! I joke, of course. I don’t need the beauty care items, the mobile phone, the fancy cable television package, or the SUV anymore. I need to make my life count and to leave this world a better place in which I found it.

Look at me, rambling on. Have you realized the dreams of your youth? If so, are things as great and meaningful as you imagined they would be? If you haven’t fulfilled them, then why not? What’s holding you back? Is it a real obstacle or an excuse? I certainly used to be full of excuses, but not anymore.

Anyway, I hope you are happy and well, and that the girl who used to say, “You go girl!” actually went after what she wanted as well.

Love your friend forever,


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