Spatulas and Power Drills

“Hey, honey!  Have you seen my power drill?” Derek called out to his wife, Cathy from the basement.

“Have you checked your truck?” she yelled back down.  “Maybe you left it in there when you helped Bill drywall his basement.”

“Mom?!” Cathy then heard her daughter, Alyssa shout from the top of the stairs.  “I can’t find my hair dryer anywhere.  Did you borrow it?”

“It’s probably in your room.  You’re always leaving things there,” she suggested.

Her son, Tyler was the  next to help his mother for help.

“Mom, can you help me find my duffle bag?  I’m sleeping over at Andy’s tonight and I was going to put my stuff in it.”

“What is this, National Day For Things to Disappear Day?” her husband asked after coming back upstairs.

“I know, it’s weird.  I can’t find the kitchen spatula either,” Cathy said upon his return.  “Do you think someone broke in and stole everything?”

“Why the hell would someone steal a spatula?  Jesus, woman, you have the stupidest ideas.”

Maybe Cathy did have stupid ideas sometimes, but this time she’s pretty sure her latest one is brilliant.  Derek’s power drill, Alyssa’s hair dryer, Tyler’s duffle bag and her kitchen spatula?  They’re all in the attic tucked away in a box.  Piece by piece, week by week, Cathy has been hoarding the household goods she feels she will need when she runs away from her crazy, needy, overly demanding family and starts life anew in her own quiet apartment.  No one will miss her; except, of course, for when they want someone to act as their personal maid or their cook.  That’s the only time her family pays attention to her.

If only she could think of a way to hide the truck.  She has to get her stolen treasures to her new place somehow.

“One thing at a time, Cathy,” she says to boost her morale.  “One thing at a time.”




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