The Tapestry Room

The colossal English countryside estate that Marigold Jenner (nee Weston) pulled up to with her husband of only a few hours really was remarkable.  Surrounded by trees, organic gardens, and a riding stable, it had all of the romance of a cinematic period piece.

“You’ve chosen the perfect honeymoon getaway,” Marigold said to the love of her life.

“And I’ve chosen the perfect wife,” Richard Antony Joffrey Jenner III said in return, affirming his declaration with the perfect kiss.  “Let’s go inside.”

“Welcome to Quartermaine Estates,” the night clerk said to the newly arrived guests.  “You must be the Jenners.”

“Yes, we are,” Marigold replied.  “May I say that you have a lovely place!  When was it built?”

“In 1550.  It used to be a hunting lodged used by the King and his inner circle back in the day.  I have you booked in the Tapestry Room, our finest accommodations.”

Marigold was excited as any bride would be upon hearing that her first night of wedded bliss would be spent in luxury.  ‘The Tapestry Room,’ she thought.  ‘It sounds so regal!’

Upon entering, the Tapestry Room did indeed seem regal.  There was more space inside its four walls than in Richard and Marigold’s entire London flat.  The furniture was definitely antique, and there was an unusual wallpaper that adorned the walls.

“That’s not wallpaper,” Richard informed her.  “Those are tapestries.”

‘Tapestries?  Tapestries of what?,’ she wondered.

Tapestries of England’s long-dead nobility, she soon discovered.  They were everywhere – Dukes and Duchesses, Earls and Countesses, Sirs and Dames, and they were all staring at her.  Wherever Marigold went in the room, the eyes of the dead followed her.  She knew that Richard would be wanting to consummate their new union, but how could she when she had an audience staring at her?

“Darling,” she said.  “It’s been an incredibly exhausting day for both of us.  Do you mind if we went straight to sleep?”

“Of course not,” he said with the kind of support that any man married less than a full day would offer.   Secretly, however, he wondered if it were possible for a woman to turn into a cold English wife within a few hours.

Together they closed their eyes and fell asleep, while dozen of dead eyes watched over them.





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