Party Central

If you count their weekly trip to the grocery store, Sean and Olivia Bunton went out together a total of fifty-two times last year.  The number of outings the year before that was fifty-four, only because they each had a relative pass away and it would have been rude if they hadn’t attended the funerals.  Both had jobs, of course, but only Olivia’s required her to leave the house and go to an actual office building.  Sean was able to work from home.

It had always been Sean’s dream to work from home.  Actually, it had been his dream to avoid as many people as possible over the course of his life.  When they had first met, back in the days when Sean, too had to put in face time at the office, Olivia saw his anti-social, introverted personality as a challenge.  Just as some people like to believe that all it takes is the love of a good person to get an alcoholic to stop drinking, Olivia fooled herself into thinking that all she had to do was take him to a few fun events and then he would love being around people as much as she did.  He was a project, she was the first person who seemed willing to put up his weirdness, and so they married.

But after four years of marriage and more than fourteen hundred nights spent in front of the television, Olivia decided that she had had enough and left.  She had thought about throwing Sean out, but then she would have been stuck with the house – the house of no joy.  She wanted a place that fit her personality; one that was warm, inviting, and full of life.  A place where she could throw parties.

The first one she threw was a blast.  There was lots of food, lots of booze, lots of great music, and the conversation never stopped flowing.

“That was fun!  I should do this more often,” she said after everyone had left.  “Every week in fact!”

However, once a week ended up not being enough for Olivia.  Having been deprived of fun for so long, Olivia felt the need to make up for lost time.  Instead of throwing a shindig once a week, Olivia began hosting soirees every night.  Some had themes – Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Oscar Night, et cetera.  Others were in honour of a friend’s or loved one’s birthday.  However, most were based on whatever Olivia’s imagination dreamed up, and what an imagination she possessed.

Have you ever been to a party with its very own house band?  How about one with trapeze artists, body paint artists, or chefs waiting to cook you anything your heart desired?  Olivia’s inner circle can now make that claim.

Olivia’s gatherings were epic.  And expensive.  Very, very expensive.  So much so that she knew that she was either going to have to put an end to them or find a way to fund her sociable side.

“I can’t very well charge my friends and family to come to my parties.  But, I could charge complete strangers.  I should start my own party planning business!”

With the reputation she had already established for being the queen of parties, Olivia had no trouble landing clients.  Within two years, she went from hosting bashes in her home to celebrity attended events.

Meanwhile, back in her old hometown, Sean continued to sit on the couch he used to share with Olivia, watching the events she staged unfold on his television screen, all alone.


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