Jenna Just Doesn’t Get It

For the life of her, Jenna Palermo can’t figure out why she isn’t more well liked at the office.

“I always bring a decent dish to the monthly potluck, show up on time, and do my share of the work for the department; so what gives?” she has often wondered.

All of those things are true; especially the part about the potlucks.  Her desserts alone could make Gordon Ramsay berate himself for being such an amateur in comparison to Jenna.  Still, Jenna hasn’t been feeling the love lately.  Actually, she’s not sure if she’s ever received much of a feel good vibe from her coworkers.  Sure, she gets invited to things, such as baby showers and bridal showers, but every woman at work gets asked to those events.  As for the really fun stuff, such as house parties and concerts, not a single invitation in the five years since she started at Kendall Manufacturing.

At first she wondered if maybe it was a hygiene issue, so she started showering twice a day, piling on the deodorant and washing her close three times as often.  That didn’t help one bit.  Then she thought that maybe she had halitosis…the money she spent on mouthwash, toothpaste and dental floss!  It was all to no avail.

“Maybe I’m not cool enough,” she then hypothesized.  “But I watch all the hit shows and online videos everyone else does, listen to the same music, and read what they read.  Short of scaling Mount Everest, I’m not really sure what I can do to seem cooler in their eyes.”

“Hey Jenna, could I get you to print me off a copy of the bid we’re submitting to the hospital tomorrow?” one of the Project Managers asked while Jenna was in the middle of another one of her ‘Why Does Everyone Hate Me?’ moments.

“Oh for fuck’s sakes!” she yelled.  “As if I have nothing else to do!  Seriously!  Christ almighty!  Do you need me to follow you into the bathroom and wipe your ass as well?!”

Yup, Jenna has no idea why people at work don’t enjoy working her.


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