Alex Gets A Dose Of Reality

Alex Turnbull got hit with a cold hard dose of reality on the morning of January 4th.  He shouldn’t have been as surprised as he was, considering the weather office had warned people for days about what was coming.  Being a first-time homeowner, however, Alex had no idea just how difficult it would be to shovel a record amount of snowfall away from a tandem driveway that was long enough to fit four cars, and a sidewalk one hundred feet in length.

“Oh boy, a snowstorm!” Alex gleefully said to his wife while putting on his coat and boots.  “I’ll finally get to make use of the shovel I bought back in the fall!”

Make use of it, he did.

“Look at me, shoveling my driveway!” he said to himself with pride.  “I’m a responsible homeowner!”  That was during the first half hour.  During the second half hour, he had other things to say.

“Huh, maybe buying a place with this big of a driveway wasn’t such a good idea.”

When the job rolled into hour number two, other realizations set upon him.

“Hmmm, having a shared driveway and no side yard sure does make it harder to move the snow around.  I hope the people next door aren’t counting on me to clear their driveway as well.”

After moving half of the snow towards the backyard gate and the other half of the snow to the front lawn, Alex pondered other issues.

“Why didn’t I notice that there wasn’t a boulevard between the road and the sidewalk when I first looked at the place?  Now I have to shovel both the snow that initially fell on the sidewalk and all the snow that the plow dumped onto it.”

It was during hour number three that he finally admitted the truth to himself.

“Next year, I’m getting a snowblower.  I don’t care if I am only thirty-three.”

Welcome to home ownership in Canada, Alex.  Welcome to the steady stream of shoveling.


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