The Last Weekend

This is her last weekend.

The last weekend for her to be his human punching bag.  The last weekend where she’ll have to pretend that her grandmother’s tea cup and every other treasure he has broken over the years was just a tea cup and nothing more.  The last weekend where she’ll have to listen to him as he runs through her long list of faults because this is the weekend he’ll finally follow through on his many threats to kill her.

As he chokes the last breath out of her, she will think her final thoughts, only no one will ever know what they were because she will be gone.  And as her final weekend comes to an end, her loved ones will then begin to ask the questions that they will go on to ask again and again.  “Why didn’t she listen when we begged her not to marry him?”  “Why didn’t she take me up on my offer to leave him and move in with me?”  “Why wasn’t she able to see the beautiful soul deserving of love that we all saw?”

She will not be the last victim of domestic violence.  Her family’s broken hearts will not be the last to go unhealed.  Nor will he be the last man to think that he had every right to do what he did, because there will always be women who feel they deserve to be punished, just as there will always be men who are willing to dish it out.

Unless, of course, we all take a stand and do something to make sure that this is the last weekend anything like this ever happens again.

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