After tonight, Fran Culligan won’t have to worry about a thing.  She won’t have to fret about the mortgage, how she’s going to pay for her kids to go to college, or where she’ll get the money to retire.  In a few hours, she’s going to win the lottery and be $45 million richer.

Fran has been playing the same six numbers for nine years now and each one has a special significance.  5, because that’s the age she started school and knew her life would never be the same again.  13, because that’s how old she was when she realized she had to get far, far away from her hometown and a lead a different life from that of her Mom and Dad.  25, because that the year she was when she met Aidan, the love of her life.  27, because two years later they welcomed their first child.  30, because that’s how old she was when baby number two arrived.  35, because that’s the year she decided she’d much rather retire sooner rather than later.  And 40, because that’s the year she was when Aidan left her and the kids when he decided that someone else was the love of his life.

Nine years on, she feels that she deserves to win the $45 million just as much as anyone else.  She won’t of course, but until she has a chance to check the winning numbers tomorrow morning she can believe that all of life’s problems can be solved with a simple three dollar lottery ticket.


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