The Year of Happiness

At the end of last year, Callista Newsom had noticed something truly disturbing and sad at an after hours get together with her workmates: everyone spent the whole night griping about their job.  When they weren’t complaining about their clients, they were busy whining about one of their unpopular colleagues or the undeserving person they heard about on the news who had won the lottery.

“A big chunk of our lives is spent at the office,” Callista said to herself.  “I should do something to bring more fun and joy to the place.  I hereby declare next year The Year of Happiness!”

As soon as she discovered that January 19 was National Popcorn Day, she made a batch of caramel corn and secretly put it on the desk of Jerry O’Neill, the biggest fan of popcorn she had ever met.

When Ellen from the other end of the building showed up to work sick on National Homemade Soup Day, Callista thawed out a container of turkey soup she had sitting in her freezer at home and put it on Ellen’s desk while she was at her afternoon doctor’s appointment.  That was followed by a box of chew toys for Linda’s new furry friend on National Puppy Day, a bouquet of flowers for Grace on National Receptionist Day, a dozen assorted donuts for Peter on National Donut Day, and a basket of cookies and potato chips on Mark’s desk on National Junk Food Day.

Before the year came to a close, Callista made sure to anonymously surprise each of her coworkers with something special.  To throw off suspicion, she made sure to oversell the cappuccino that she had put on her own desk on National Cappuccino Day.

“I wonder who the office fairy godmother could be!” Callista said to anyone who happened to drop by her office that day.

No one ever came to know that Callista was the office fairy godmother, but they did discover that work can be a fun place to be if you have the right attitude.  The negativity was soon replaced by smiles and acts of kindness from others in the building; everything from a toy drive for underprivileged children to a staff barbecue for no other reason than it was sunny.

It truly was a year of happiness for everyone.  What will you do to spread joy where you are?


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