Things To Do Before Brain Surgery

Brain surgery isn’t as easy as they make it look on those television dramas.  You don’t just have a hole drilled into your skull, practise walking around with a walker for a bit afterwards, and then go home an hour later.  You’re looking at months of recovery; unless, of course, you’re one of the unlucky ones who never fully recover.

Carrie Tanner likes to believe that she’ll be another success story for her surgeon, but she also realizes that if she is going to be in the hospital for awhile, then she needs to get stuff done.  There’s all that laundry that needs to be washed and put away, dinners to prepare and freeze in single serving containers, floors and bathrooms to scrub, a yard to cut, and a car to wash.

There are things to think about, too; such as what will happen when she runs out of clean underwear in two weeks?  How will she take care of herself if she goes on to suffer a stroke or seizures?  What if she ends up a vegetable or dies?  Why did the cancer have to spread?  Those are big questions, though.  For now, she likes to pretend that the most important thing she has to deal with is getting her house cleaned.

When it comes to feeling better about your rotten situation, denial can be as comforting as that warm blanket the nicer nurses drape across you right before they wheel you off to surgery.  She’ll think about the bigger issues once her tumour has been removed.  At least she hopes she’ll be able to after it’s all said and done.


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