Kirstin’s Guide to Finding a Husband

The first thing Kirstin MacDonald did when she set out to land a husband was throw an unwanted necklace down her toilet.  The next thing she did was not bother to vacuum the coils of her refrigerator for two years.  After that, she bought new ceiling lights for her entire house.  That was followed by allowing the ice to build up in her gutters, neglecting the hole on the roof of her garage  for six months, and letting her dog run all over her carpets with its muddy paws.

You see, when it comes to men, Kirstin isn’t the least bit interested in the bookish type or the suit and tie type.  She prefers the useful type; the kind that can fix things around the house.  Figure out why her clothes dryer doesn’t dry clothes anymore and she’ll be yours forever.

She has managed to get a few dates with some of the repairmen who have come around to her house, but nothing has ever lasted; much like the vacuum cleaner she bought five years ago.  If she had a man, though, he could fix it.  He would fix everything that’s wrong in her life.

Kirsten’s running out of time to find one, however.  She’s thirty-five and most of the repairmen who come around these days are in their fifties and already married.  A contractor is due to arrive in five minutes to give her a quote on redoing  her kitchen.  If that doesn’t pan out, she supposes she’ll just have to become one of those strong and independent women she has heard about.

Can she do that?  She guesses she could, if necessary, but she’d much rather have someone to cook for in her soon to be gourmet kitchen.

The door bell rings.  She answers the door.  Damn, he’s wearing a wedding ring.


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