Happy Birthday Donny Osmond!

Is it weird that I remembered today is Donny Osmond’s 58th birthday, but completely forgot to put out the garbage?

How strange is it that I can tell you his first television appearance was on The Andy Williams Show at the age of five, that his first solo hit wasn’t Go Away Little Girl or Puppy Love, but his version of Roy Orbison’s Sweet and Innocent, and that he hosted the television game show Pyramid, and yet I can’t tell you what my husband got me for Christmas last year?

Does the fact that I remembered the fifth anniversary of my father’s death while standing in the crowd at Donny’s and his sister Marie’s Las Vegas show make me a bad daughter?

Obviously I have a thing for Donald Clark Osmond, born December 9, 1957 in Ogden, Utah.  He wasn’t George and Olive’s first born, but he will always be first in my heart, and I have multiple past issues of Tiger Beat magazine to prove it.

I know that it’s totally uncool for a fifty-five year old woman to still have a crush on a former teen idol, but at my age you realize that you can either fight who you are or you can embrace it.  I learned that lesson from Donny.

Back in the eighties, when Donny’s career was at a standstill, his handlers suggested that he create false rumours about drug use to shake up his squeaky clean image.  He didn’t want to do that because then he would have to explain the lie to his children and his nieces and nephews.  He felt it was better to stay true to himself and set a good example for others.

His boring, goody two-shoes ways cost him for awhile but in the nineties he was back, recording new songs and appearing on Broadway.  Then he went on to win Dancing With The Stars and found success in Las Vegas.

Donny is white bread bland, I’m white bread bland, and I’m happy with that.  So Happy Birthday Donny Osmond and thanks for not pretending to be some fancy multi-grain thing that you’re not!



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