Wacky Wendell’s World of Everything

It wasn’t a big franchise chain store that made all the small businesses of Shepherdville go under.  It was Wacky Wendell’s World of Everything.

Wendell Walters has been wacky his whole life, so it was only a matter of time before he started selling everything the fine folks of Shepherdville could ever want.  Well, everything that would fit into his fifty thousand square foot location on the edge of town.

If someone needed a new recliner and a pedicure, all they had to do was go to Wacky Wendell’s World of Everything, where they could try out their chair of choice while someone else gladly scraped away at their calluses.

Need to fill a fridge full of hors d’oeuvres before tonight’s cocktail party guests arrive?  Wacky Wendell not only sells fridges, he sells them already stocked!

Need a shovel to bury the body of the person you just murdered?  Wendell sells those, too.  He also rents office space to a local criminal defense attorney on account of it just being a matter of time before you get caught.

Wacky Wendell truly does have everything; except, of course, sympathy for the Mom and Pop shops he has put out of business.  He does have a few openings for cashier positions, though, should any of his former competitors care to apply.  It pays ten dollars an hour and offers all the one-stop shopping you could ever imagine.


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