Cooking with Celebrities

Bella Hollingsworth wasn’t talented enough to be a professional actress.  She was completely tone deaf as well, making her chances of winning a singing competition next to nil.  She didn’t even have an online dating profile, so the chances of her being chosen to make out with some guy she had only met three weeks ago in front of millions of others were also pretty slim.  The trouble with all of this, of course, was that Bella had been raised on reality television and, therefore, believed that the route to self-validation was through having her fifteen minutes of fame.

If Bella was going to be famous, then she was going to have to come up with a plan – a delicious plan that only a gal with her saucy attitude could cook up.  That is why one day, she walked into the headquarters of the Cooking Network accompanied by a trolley full of goodies she had prepared herself.

“I want to see the President,” she told the lady at reception.  “I’d like my own cooking show, please.”

“You and everyone else, sweetheart,” said the I’ve-seen-it-all bitter lady behind the desk.  “Now scram, but leave the food.  We lowly receptionists never get to enjoy the food they make upstairs.”

Just as a dejected Bella was about to leave, she heard the elevator doors ding open and watched as the President of the network stepped out.

“What’s this?” he asked while surveying the dishes Bella had prepared.

“Some things I cooked up this morning.  I’d like my own show, please,” she told him.

The President had no intention of giving Bella her own show, but he knew that if he humoured her then he would at least get a free meal.  He got more than that, though.  He got the tastiest meal of his entire life.

“Come upstairs with me young lady and we’ll talk.”

Talk they did, and the President loved everything that Bella had to say.

“I’d call my show Cooking with Celebrities,” she began.  “Each week I’d be joined by a different celebrity and together we’d whip up one of their favourite recipes.  Maybe it would be one that belonged to their Grandma or to their recently departed Mom.  Or perhaps it would be the one they had used to seduce their spouse.  We’d show pictures of the person who inspired it, maybe a family video, and then we’d sit down and eat the dish together.”

Bella got the green light and was soon cooking with some of the biggest names in Hollywood.  Everyone wanted to be on Cooking with Celebrities, especially those with a scandal attached to their name because really, what’s more redeeming than sharing your Nana’s recipe for Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies?

Bella became the reality television star she always wanted to be and thanks to her new Hollywood friends, she also picked up some incredible recipes.


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