David’s Super Power

The top five super powers people wish they have are as follows: invisibility, flight, strength, telekinesis, and time travel.  No one ever fantasizes about having a stutter, but that’s the super power the universe bestowed upon David Daly.

David never used to consider his speech impediment a super power. He always felt embarrassed and socially limited by it more than anything.  Growing up, he was mercilessly teased by his classmates over the way he talked.  In early adulthood people would finish his sentences for him thinking that they were being kind when in reality what they were doing was reminding him that they wanted him to hurry and finish his thought so they could move on and say what they wanted to say.

One day about ten years ago, while David was struggling to speak, a colleague said something to David that made him change the way he looked at himself:  “What you have to say is important.  Don’t be afraid to say it.”

David had always felt that he sounded stupid because of the way he talked but here was someone telling him that his words were important.

“From now on, when I have something to say, I’m just going to say it,” David told himself, and he did just that.  He didn’t exactly chat up a storm.  David also realized that when someone who doesn’t speak up very often goes to the trouble to actually do so, people pay attention.  So he chose his words carefully, kept his speeches short, and only made his opinion known when it was truly warranted.

After that, people saw David as wise, and that’s a pretty good super power to have, too.


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