Always Be Prepared

Always be prepared.

Yogi Bear said that once.  Or was it Smokey the Bear?  Maybe it’s the Boy Scouts Sophie Pines is thinking of, or perhaps some article she read in Cosmo a few months back.  Anyway, who said it doesn’t matter so much as the message.  It really is important to be prepared for anything; especially when your B.F.F. gets it into her head that the two of you should go camping over the weekend.

It’s perfectly fine for Kelsey Jones to go camping.  Her family runs a hunting lodge out west.  Someone such as Sophie – a gal who knows as much about roughing it as she does quantum physics, is better off at a five-star resort.

“Starting a fire is super easy,” Kelsey enthusiastically proclaims their first night at the campground.  “See these white cotton balls?  Put them in a freezer bag, add some petroleum jelly, squish it all together, place a few of them in batches around this kindle I have gathered, and then light them with a match.  Voila!  Instant fire!”

The world needs can-do people like Kelsey, but the world also needs those who appreciate the finer things in life.  You know, the Sophies of our universe.  It was she who thought to bring three-ply bathroom tissue, because after all, why would you take a chance wiping your delicate tushy with a potentially rash inducing leaf when there’s a perfectly good roll of toilet paper in your backpack?

Sophie can’t start a fire, butcher a deer, construct a makeshift splint for the leg you will undoubtedly break while out hiking, or whatever it is that outdoorsy people think is a fun thing to do.  What she can do is make sure that there is a nice bottle of wine to go with the deer you shot and some pain relievers for that broken leg of yours waiting for you back at camp upon your return.

You do your part and Sophie will do hers.  That’s what she calls being prepared.


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