Book Club Discussion Topics

Now that we have reached the quarter way mark in the year long My Short Story a Day project, this might be a good time for you to convene your Book Club and chat about what you have all read thus far.  Put someone in charge of the wine, someone else in charge of the munchies, and you can be in charge of making sure that no one tries to come across as a pseudo intellectual.  Let’s begin, shall we?

***The author behind the My Short Story a Day blog writes a lot about death, end times, career dissatisfaction, celebrities, dysfunctional relationships, dating woes, and ordinary people who hate every moment of their boring little lives.  What can readers take away from this?  Should professionals and/or the authorities be called?

***Do you think that Amal Alamuddin is a substitute for Amy Poehler?  Do you think that Amy now fantasizes about how her life might have been different if she had married George Clooney instead of Will Arnett?

***How many days until you retire?  Will you stick it out, or will you be brave like the protagonist in 4,834 and do what’s necessary to live the life of your dreams?

***Because 2016 is a Leap Year, do you think the author regrets starting her blog during the last half of 2015 instead of January 1st?

***Taking into account that the author’s actual paying gig required her to spend the better part of today writing close to twenty radio commercials, should she be allowed to count these discussion topics as her story for the day, or should she be forced to write an extra piece?

***What do you hope tomorrow’s story will be about?

***Have you told your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, and the guy at the dry cleaners about this awesome blog?  If not, would you be so kind as to do so?  The author always enjoys having new readers discover her work.  She thanks you ever so kindly in advance.


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