Cabin in the Woods

Mark Pillar was just as surprised to see the deer as it was by the sight of him, although he shouldn’t have been.  He was out in the middle of nowhere after all, but when you’re this far away from human civilization, it’s easy to forget that other types of civilization exist.

Mark was out in the middle of nowhere for the same reason a lot of people trek out to no man’s land: he had problems that he wanted to escape.  In his case, a nasty divorce and a broken relationship with his two daughters.  Renting a cabin on forty acres of pristine northern Michigan land seemed like a good place to do that.

It was quiet.  The kind of quiet that forced him to think about what went wrong with his marriage, what part he played, and about all of the nasty things he had said in front of the girls in a selfish attempt to justify his mistakes.

“Hey buddy, how’s it going?” Mark asked the deer that was no more than one hundred feet away from him.  “Come here.  I won’t hurt you.  Honest.”

The deer stood there staring at Mark, as though it was trying to decide whether he was friend or foe.  Past experiences with humans, though, made him decide that Mark was the latter.  With a quick flick of its tail, the deer ran off, never to return.

Another beautiful thing in Mark’s life, scared off for good.


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