Fall Fun Fair

A day at Riley Township’s Annual Fall Fun Fair was anything but fun for Regina Plato; however, in its own special way the day ended up being one of the best in her whole life.

The 20th annual version started out the same way as the previous nineteen, with a quick trip around the fairgrounds to scope out what was what, followed by a plan of attack: rides first, food second, games last.

The games were what spoiled Regina’s fun.  Her first mistake was trying to play the Strong Man game.  She couldn’t swing the sledge hammer hard enough for the steel ball to reach the first line let alone ring the bell.  Her second mistake was going over to the Guess My Age game.

“Fifty-seven,” guessed the carnie.

Everyone laughed at his answer.  Well, everyone except for Regina who had only just celebrated her forty-sixty birthday a week earlier.

Her final mistake was stopping at the Guess My Weight game.

“One hundred and ninety-three pounds,” guessed the carnie in charge of that game.  Everyone looked to Regina for confirmation or denial.

“You’re right on the nose!” Regina said.  “I’m one hundred and ninety-three pounds.”

“No way!” her friends all said.  “You don’t look like you weigh one hundred and ninety-three pounds.”

That’s because Regina didn’t weigh one hundred and ninety-three pounds.  She weighed two hundred and five pounds.  Those so-called ‘mistakes’ that day ended up being blessings, though.  They were a wake up call to Regina, telling her that she needed to start taking better care of herself.

The following year, Regina returned for the 21st Annual Fall Fun Fair.  Not only could she ring the bell in the Strong Man game, the same carnies from the year before guessed that she was forty-two years of age and weighed one hundred and thirty-seven pounds.  She was actually one hundred and forty-five pounds, and she had no problem telling either carnie how wrong they were.


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