Bob on Bob

From the time he was a little boy, Bob McKilliam knew that he would one day be a star.  He wasn’t sure how he would become one, he just believed that someday, somehow, everyone would know his name.  That day came in 2006 when he posted his first video on You Tube.

He didn’t wake up that morning with a gut feeling that his life was about to change.  In fact, he had awoken that morning with a hangover.  His buddies had crashed at his place for the night after drinking too much and when he went downstairs to fix himself some coffee, he heard the two of them discussing Bob Dylan.

“I don’t care what anybody says, Bob Dylan sucks,” his friend, Mark said to Bob’s other equally hung over friend, Tony.

“I’ll admit, his singing voice isn’t the greatest, but have you ever paid attention to his lyrics?  The man’s a poet,” Tony offered in response.

“Poet, schmoet,” Mark argued further.  “What do you think about Bob, Bob?” he asked his host.

“Ha!  ‘What do you think about Bob, Bob?'” Tony laughed, as though asking someone named Bob what they thought of someone else named Bob was the funniest thing in the world.  “Do tell.  Give us a bit of Bob on Bob.”

And that is where Bob McKilliam got the idea for his video series, Bob on Bob.  Once a week, Bob picks out a different person named Bob and does a short piece on them.  Sometimes they are strictly informational, and other times they are downright hilarious.  For instance, for his first show Bob had focused on the fact that according to Bob Dylan’s high school yearbook, the goal of this 1960s icon was to join Little Richard’s band.  So Bob (McKilliam) convinced his eldest son to dress up like Bob Dylan and his youngest son to dress up like Little Richard and act out a scene where Bob (Dylan) had indeed ended up working for Little Richard.

It was an instant hit.  People didn’t think it could go on for long, though.  After all, there are only so many Bobs in the world, but he keeps finding new ones to talk about.  Bob Hope, Bob Fosse, Bob Geldof, Bob Villa, Bob Hogan, Bob Saget, Bobby Kennedy, Bob Odenkirk, Bobby Orr, Bob Weir, Bob Marley, Bob Dole, Bob Seger…the list is staggering.  When he doesn’t feel like talking about a famous Bob, he’ll do a piece on a person in town named Bob and what makes them tick.  Bob Jessup, owner of Bob’s Bakery, owes at least three percent of last year’s sales to the fact that he was a guest on Bob on Bob.

Sometimes, Bob mixes things up and has someone come on and talk about a famous person that shares their name.  Like this one time, Bob dressed up as Brooke Shields and let Brooke Cuddy, his hairstylist, interview him as though he were the famous starlet.

There are moments when Bob McKilliam wishes that he were famous for something else, but it could be worse.  He could be well known for having done something horrible, the way Robert Berdella became famous. What’s that?  You haven’t heard of Robert Berdella?  He was the Kansas City Strangler.  Go to You Tube right now.  Bob McKilliam just did a piece on him for the latest installment of Bob on Bob.


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