Life Changing Moments

“So that’s pretty much what happened.  My whole life changed in a matter of minutes,” Trisha Ferguson said to her new therapist once she had finished telling him about the day she was severely beaten.  She told her story without a trace of emotion because she knew that if she allowed just one tear to escape, the waterworks would never stop.

The attempt on her life had taken place six months earlier.  That’s how Trisha saw it, as an attempt on her life, even though her ex’s attorney got the charges reduced to aggravated assault.  The bat that ‘merely’ assaulted her, and the hands that swung it, caused two facial fractures, a concussion, two broken ribs and a bruised kidney.  She’s been afraid to answer her door, go to work, and even go grocery shopping.  The ex might be locked up for now, but he won’t be forever.  In the meantime, he has a psycho mother who’d be happy to finish the job.

Sometimes Trisha wonders if maybe her life had actually unknowingly changed one year ago when she met him for the first time and fell for the charm that hid the devil inside.  Or maybe it was two years ago when she moved to her current town in order to get away from the last creep she dated.  Or perhaps it was ten years ago when she overheard the popular girls at her high school talking about how ugly girls such as Trisha should consider themselves lucky if they ever got anyone to date them.

It’s funny – or in Trisha’s case, horrifying – how things can snowball.  Maybe seeing this therapist will cause a new chain reaction, she dared to think.  One with a happy ending.


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