Only rich women get highlights put in their hair.  Maybe someone making fifty thousand dollars a year could afford to splurge on such a luxury every now and then, but definitely not a single woman who makes far less than that and who has a mortgage to pay, a future retirement to fund, and ridiculously high heating bills each month.  Women like that…women such as Grace Prior, don’t get highlights put in their hair.  They go to discount hair salons, where the best they can hope for is to not slink out with a bowl cut.

They can dream about having highlights put in their hair, though.  Grace has, plenty of times.  She imagines making a whole day out of it at a spa; where the lighting is subdued, the music is all zen-like, and they offer you wine and chocolate throughout your visit.  She’d have her hair done, one of those mani-pedis she’s overheard the women at work who are married to men with good jobs talk about, and a massage.  Her assigned colourist, esthetician, and massage therapist would make a big fuss over her as well, and act as though they sincerely cared when they asked if there was a special reason for her visit.

She’d have a story to tell them, too.  She’s leaving for Madrid the following day, she would tell them and you can’t go to Madrid without having your hair and nails done first.  Who knows who’ll you meet!  Grace could meet her Prince Charming, or a potential employer that pays the kind of money a girl needs for regular beauty treatments, or a famous painter who is looking for a new muse.

Your whole life can change when you have the right look; which is why Grace also longs for a new wardrobe.  ‘New’ being the key word here, unlike the used clothing she usually wears.  But that’s a whole other fantasy.

Fantasies are all Grace has to get through her day.


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