Ruby is Driving Nicole Insane

Ruby Rivers is driving Nicole insane.  The girl has simply gone too far this time.  Too far!

A part of Nicole wonders if maybe she played a role in Ruby’s latest antics.  Maybe everyone is to blame for being so lenient with her instead of throwing their hands up in protest right from the beginning.  Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile, isn’t that how the saying goes?  Only in this case, Ruby took the length of the whole country.

When Ruby first came to town, she seemed like a breath of fresh air, what with her sassiness and take-no-prisoners attitude.  That just have her confidence, Nicole now supposes, to take things further.

The first sign of trouble was all the bad business deals she got her friends involved in.  That was followed by the campaign to smear the reputation of Gemma Forrest, the nicest girl you could ever meet.  Then she pretended to be pregnant in order to get Luke to marry her.  He did, but then dumped her when he found out the truth.

After the divorce, Ruby swore that she had changed.  She said that she was tired of hurting people and that she just wanted to live a quiet, normal life.  She went to nursing school, married a great guy named Ash, and together they settled down.

Nicole should have known that the good behaviour wouldn’t last; that it was just a matter of time before Ruby destroyed Ash, and she did – by sleeping with his evil twin, Dax!  Ruby claimed that she thought Dax was Ash, but everyone knows that Dax lost his baby finger when he failed to pay the Mafia what he owed them.

Poor Ash.  Hadn’t he suffered enough when was abducted by aliens?  Didn’t he erase whatever bad karma had followed him from a past life that time he got hit by a train when saving a little boy’s life?

Nicole isn’t sure she can ever watch Big Lives, Even Bigger Lies again.  This afternoon soap opera is just getting too intense.


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