Julie’s Gay Boyfriend

Julie Ketchum really misses the days when gays felt the need to keep their sexuality a secret.  Not because she thinks that homosexuality is a sin, an abomination, or anything close-minded such as that.  Julie truly believes that gays and lesbians have the right to love who they want, marry who they want, and raise a family just as much as any straight person.  The reason she misses the “good old days” is because now she doesn’t have a date for her co-worker’s wedding.

Back in the day when those closet doors were kept firmly shut, Julie would always bring her friend, Alex as her date to social functions when she wasn’t seeing anybody, and he would bring her as his date to his own functions.  Alex could pull off straight better than Neil Patrick Harris ever thought possible so no one ever questioned Julie’s taste in men, and having Julie around put the fears of Alex’s ultra-conservative family to rest.

But then Ellen came out, then Will and Grace came on television, and then gay marriage laws started to pass.  Suddenly it was okay to be gay.  So in Alex’s world it was goodbye to Julie and hello to Estevan, his true love.

Julie is happy that Alex is now free to be his true self, but a part of her is also a little sad because, as you know, once a lady hits forty, the good men are either taken or gay.

Reluctantly, Julie fills out the R.S.V.P. card, indicating that she will be attending the wedding alone.  All she can do now is hope that they don’t sit her at the kids table.

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