Mom’s Crying Again

“Daddy?  Mommy’s crying again,” five-year-old Liam says to his dad.

“I know she is, son,” his father replies in a tone that suggests he is plenty used to these emotional outbursts from his wife.

Liam cannot tell time, nor does he understand what a calendar is but he knows that these bouts of tears happen on a regular basis.  She’s fine for awhile, and then she cries and cries and cries, sometimes as long as two whole sleeps.  The last time Liam cried it was when he was in a store with his mother and couldn’t have some toy he wanted.  He got into big trouble for that, but when his mommy cries, his daddy brings her home chocolate and lets her watch whatever she wants on television.  This time it’s The Bachelor.

“Tonight’s the final rose ceremony, Liam.  Let’s let her watch it in peace.”

Maybe that’s why his mommy is sad, Liam thinks.  Soon there won’t be any more roses.  Daddy should have brought her roses instead of chocolate.  But that’s a grown up for you: weird.


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