I’m Okay, You’re Okay

Bianca Kravitz has no idea how much money and time she has spent on self-improvement products and services, but she’s pretty sure it’s reached a number that’s way higher than her ability to count.

She has read books on how to lose weight, how to eat better, how to find your passion, how to land your dream job, how to leave a job you hate, how to become more financially savvy, how to find Mr. Right, how to ditch Mr. Wrong, how to be your own best friend, how to meet new friends, how to forgive your parents, how to forgive yourself, how to make your dreams come true, what to do when what you thought was your dream turns into a nightmare, and how to do basic repairs around the house.  Then there are all of the facials that she’s had done, the laser hair removal treatments, the collagen injections, the highlights she’s had put into her hair, and the colon cleanses.  In-between all of this she has found time to go to a whack of spiritual retreats and watch countless Wayne Dyer, Dr. Phil and Oprah television specials.

Yet here she is, once again, in the self-help section of a bookstore.  It’s one of those big chain bookstores, so the selection is huge.  She’s had to say “Excuse me,” to three people in order to get to the aisle she wants and that’s when the light bulb goes off.  She’s not alone in her misery.

It’s a thought that both saddens and comforts her.  It’s good to know that there are others just like her, but how terrible that there are so many.

Before her are books upon books, filling shelf after shelf.  “Are we really this bad?” she asks the universe.  “Why isn’t it enough that I haven’t started a war, killed or robbed anyone, or deliberately set fire to anything?  Do I have to be a size two, Fortune 500 CEO, carpooling hockey mom, too?”

It is then that Bianca decides that not only is she good enough for herself, she is good enough for the rest of the world as well.  Actually, she’s more than good enough.  She’s pretty freakin’ fabulous.


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