The Best Made Plans

Tell me again how we’re going to get from the airport to the hotel,” asked Ruth, the more nervous traveler of the two.

“We’re going to take the hotel shuttle,” replied her sister, Sharon, the more confident one.

“Where do we catch the shuttle?” Ruth then asked, still not entirely convinced that this trip to Paris would go off without a hitch.

“Once we land, someone from the travel company will be holding up a sign for us at baggage claim.  He’ll be our ride.”

“Can you believe that we’re actually going to be in Paris in three hours?” Ruth said, now feeling a little more at ease.  “We’ve wanted to take this trip our whole lives and now it’s finally going to happen!  What’s the first thing that we’re going to do once we’ve checked into our hotel?”

“Well, if it’s okay with you, I thought that we’d go to Shakespeare and Company, and then walk around the Latin Quarter.”

“That’s fine by me.  Thanks again for planning everything.  I’d be a nervous wreck if I had to do the organizing.”

Sharon knew that Ruth would be, and that’s why she planned everything down to the last detail.  She knew which arrondisement they were going to visit on which day.  She studied a map of the Louvre so they’d know exactly how to get to the Mona Lisa before the crowds arrived.  She memorized the metro routes so she could get them from one place to the next.  She pre-ordered the museum passes, the metro passes, and the tickets for the Eiffel Tower so they wouldn’t have to struggle to ask for them in French.  The dream they both shared was coming true and nothing was going to ruin it.

“How do we get from the hotel to Shakespeare and Company?” Ruth then wanted to know.

Before Sharon had a chance to tell Ruth that all they had to do was turn left out of the hotel and walk half a block to catch the Number 12 line at Convention, take that to Montparnasse Bienvenue, followed by a quick trip on the Number 4 line to St. Michel, then lastly a stroll down Quai St. Michel to Rue de la Bucherie, an explosion tore through the back of the plane.

No bodies were ever found, but metal debris from the plane was discovered scattered for miles across the Atlantic Ocean, nowhere near Paris.


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