Double Chocolate Cheesecake

Hildy Wagner thinks it’s a travesty that people buy so much of their food prepackaged these days.  For the life of her, she can’t fathom why more people don’t cook from scratch.

Take her Double Chocolate Cheesecake recipe, for example.  Sure, it’s time consuming, the way you have to melt this, blend that, and chop up such and such.  She’s willing to admit that it’s a bit of a pricey recipe as well once you add up the cost of the three packages of cream cheese, the butter, the orange liqueur, and the two types of chocolate.  But the pay off.  Nothing beats the pay off.

It’s the moment when someone takes a bite, closes their eyes as though they just experienced their first heroin high, and then says to Hildy, “Oh my God, this is better than sex!”  That’s what she lives for.  No one ever reaches that level of culinary nirvana from a cheesecake they picked up in the frozen food section of their local grocery store.

Why, oh why, don’t more people bake like this?  Then it hits her.  Other people actually have lives to lead.  There are parties to attend, movies to catch, trips to be taken, family milestones to record, and love affairs to embark upon.  Not everyone can be a boring spinster with too much time on their hands like Hildy.

For a moment Hildy is saddened by this realization, but then she has a slice of Double Chocolate Cheesecake.  Cheesecake makes you forget everything.


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