Howdy Neighbour!

Penny Braun sure would like to know what she did to make her neighbour, Steve hate her so much.  She’s positive he does because every time she steps into her back yard, he goes scurrying into his house.

She keeps her yard neat and tidy, so that can’t be it.  She doesn’t throw any loud parties.  She’s not the type of neighbour that will trap you in some long, drawn out conversation either.  What gives?

Sometimes she thinks it’s funny when he runs away in horror at the sight of her, but not today.  You see, Penny just lost the job she’s held for the past twenty-seven years.  She didn’t need yet another rejection.

I’m fifty-five years of age, Penny thinks to herself.  No one will hire me at this age.  My boss hates me.  My neighbour obviously hates me.  What do I have left to live for?  Watching yet another rerun of Columbo tonight?  I should just kill myself.

With a bottle of pills downed by a few gulps of water, Penny Braun went ahead and did just that.  Next door, Steve sat in his living room, watching a rerun of Columbo.

“Damn my social anxiety disorder!” he shouted at the television screen.  “I wish I could talk to that lady next door.  She seems nice.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll knock on her door and pretend that I need to borrow a cup of sugar.”


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