What’s in a Name?

There’s a lot that goes in to being a good parent.  You need to show your little one right from wrong.  You need to teach them how to get along well with others.  You need to feed them healthy meals, protect them from danger, and not let them run the house.  However, the most important thing you must do as a parent is give your new bundle of joy a proper name.

This is what’s troubling Mary.  After being taunted as a child with unwanted nicknames such as ‘Scary Mary’ and ‘Mary, Mary Quite Contrary’ she knows better than to give her wee one a name that rhymes with something else.  She also wouldn’t dream of saddling him or her with a name that could be shortened to something as unfortunate as ‘Dick’ or ‘Cat’.

‘What about Noah?’ Mary asks herself.  No, then everyone will always ask how the ark is coming along.  ‘Maybe Brittany if it’s a girl,’ she then wonders.  No, Mary couldn’t think of anyone that would trust their life to a doctor named Brittany.

That’s something that a lot of people don’t consider when choosing a name.  Sure, you want it to be youthful sounding when they’re children, but it also has to be appropriate for when they’re old.

“I know!” Mary says aloud.  “Lazarus.  There had to have been something truly special about Lazarus in order for Jesus to bring him back from the dead.  Lazarus is someone you’d want to have by your side for a long time.”

And with that Mary, the most thoughtful dog parent on earth, had a name for her new puppy.


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